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Get The Money You Need For Your Injury

A personal injury can cost a victim a substantial amount of money. When someone else was responsible for the injury, they should also be responsible for the consequences. Holding someone accountable for their actions is not always easy, but it is much less difficult with the help of an experienced attorney.

I am attorney Graeme Spicer, and I have more than a decade of experience representing clients in their personal injury claims. From my Syracuse-based firm, Spicer Law, I offer clients the compassion and commitment they deserve from a personal injury attorney.

Why You Need A Lawyer

Insurance companies will act fast to offer you a settlement for your injuries, but do not mistake this as a good thing. While fast money may seem like a blessing, it may be far less than you deserve. I fight for my clients to ensure that the compensation they receive reflects all costs of an injury, including:

  • Current and future medical costs
  • Physical and emotional therapy
  • Medical equipment
  • Home modifications or relocation
  • Lost income
  • Loss of ability to work
  • Property damage

The money you get from a compensation claim will define how well you can cover the costs of your injury. Victims rarely get a chance at a second compensation, which is why it is vital to do everything possible to maximize the compensation you earn the first time around.

Have Someone On Your Side

You do not have to struggle with your health and personal injury claim. Instead, let a skilled New York attorney handle the negotiation and litigation that can come with a personal injury claim while you focus on your health. If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation with me, contact me at 315-930-1052 or email me here. Reach out to my firm today to begin preparing for your tomorrow.