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Legal Defense For Those Accused Of Violent Crimes

Violent crimes, including assault and murder, can be among the most difficult criminal charges to defend. Though several situations exist where violence may be justified, proving this in court requires experience, practice and passion. My name is Graeme Spicer. I opened Spicer Law to provide legal advocacy to those facing violent criminal charges, by protecting their personal rights and ensuring they get their day in court.

By getting started early, I can help New York residents build a trustworthy foundation for a defense against the following violent crimes:

  • Assault/battery
  • Sexual crimes
  • Homicide/murder
  • Domestic violence
  • Weapons charges
  • Arson
  • Gang-related crimes
  • Manslaughter

Once I assess the details of your case, we can discuss which defense strategies can best beat the charges, or at least mitigate the damage and protect your reputation.

Punishments For Violent Crimes Last Longer Than The Sentence

There are more than just civil and criminal penalties at stake for a violent criminal conviction. People don’t even have to be convicted of incurring consequences; even an arrest on your record can negatively impact your future. You may face repercussions to your social standing, professional reputation and even your family life. Potential employers, loan officers or even friends may balk at the notion of associating with a “convicted felon,” and any other future criminal charges could be exacerbated by such a history. One of the most effective ways to get ahead of these long-lasting ramifications is by getting started early and laying the foundation for a reliable defense drafted by a lawyer well practiced in New York criminal courts.

There’s No Time To Waste

The earlier I can get started working through your case, the greater the chances of beating your charges. Give me a call at 315-930-1052 to schedule a consultation with Spicer Law or book your appointment online.