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I Can Help You Fight Back Against Accusations Of Fraud

Have you been accused of fraud? If so, come talk to me, Graeme Spicer of Spicer Law. I have the experience and practice New York professionals need to fight back against these allegations. With these cases, the devil is in the details, and I bring the passion and competence New York professionals expect. I will work directly with you to develop a comprehensive defense strategy while providing honest and straightforward counsel that protects your livelihood.

Whether at the federal or state level, I am equipped to resolve the following types of fraud cases:

  • Accounting fraud – Falsifying accounting records
  • Bank fraud – Defrauding a financial institution
  • Embezzlement – Business theft for personal gain
  • Investment fraud – Investing in falsified assets
  • Tax evasion – Withholding due tax payments
  • Wire fraud – Defrauding individuals of property

Fraud and white collar crime are broad definitions that encompass several different crimes. At its core, these charges concern an intentional and often systematic deception that financially enriches an individual or institution. Beating these charges requires a dedicated and thorough strategy from an attorney well practiced in defending against criminal charges.

Working Professionals Need Professional Counsel

Business executives and entrepreneurs accused of fraud and other white collar crimes require aggressive counsel from a trustworthy advocate. I know that my clients have no time to waste in protecting their professional reputation and getting back to work. Even if you are not facing official charges and are only subject to an investigation, getting a defense lawyer involved early can get ahead of any surprises and help protect your privacy, character and livelihood.

Secure The Help You Need

Working professionals facing accusations of fraud can contact me and book a consultation with Spicer Law online. Give a call at 315-930-1052 and schedule a time with me to discuss your case today.