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How Does New York Police Drunk Driving?

Last updated on October 10, 2022

New York state supports a complex set of laws concerning inebriated driving. Drivers found with intoxicating substances in their system face either a DWI, DWIA or DUI charge. Defending against each of these charges requires a comprehensive understanding of their differences. This is why drivers facing drunk driving charges turn to me, attorney Graeme Spicer of Spicer Law, to help beat these charges and protect their future.

Protect Your Future With The Defense You Need

Understanding the differences between New York’s DUI laws can help residents defend themselves. The circumstances of your arrest will determine the severity of your charges.

  • DWI: Probably the most common of these charges, “driving while intoxicated” is mostly used in alcohol cases where the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is greater than 0.08% – the legal limit.
  • DWAI: Typically used in cases where an impaired driver’s BAC was below the legal limit, “driving while ability impaired” charges often inform other crimes. For example, if a driver’s BAC was below legal alcohol limits, but a combination of other substances caused them to drive recklessly and injure or kill another, the consequences can become much more severe.
  • DUI: The national standard for “driving under the influence,” this charge exists as an adaptable umbrella term. DWIs and DWAIs are types of DUIs.

Regardless of the nuance, these charges are serious offenses. A comprehensive defense from a legal ally like me can help the accused avoid fines, jail time and license suspension.

Repeat Offenders Face An Uphill Climb

As you may expect, having previous DUI charges on your record can exacerbate future convictions. Individual fines can exceed $2,500, jail time extends and your license suspension may become permanent. Without a powerful defense from a well-practiced Syracuse lawyer, these charges could have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. Arrests, not just convictions, show up in background checks, which may prevent you from getting a job, securing a home loan or even attending school.

With Spicer Law, I leverage my passion, experience and comprehensive understanding of New York’s drunk driving laws to mitigate this damage and protect your personal rights.

Work With An Attorney You Can Trust

The best way to get ahead of these charges and preserve your reputation is by working alongside a criminal defense lawyer well versed in DUI laws. Call Spicer Law at 315-930-1052 to speak to me directly or reach out online to schedule your consultation.