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Aggressive Legal Defense Against New York Drug Charges

New York drug charges are no joke. People convicted of these crimes face extensive criminal and civil penalties that can only be mitigated through passionate legal advocacy and robust defense. My name is Graeme Spicer, and I fully understand the consequences of these charges and know how to mitigate the damage. When you choose Spicer Law, you choose a lawyer who will leverage their passion and experience to help defend the accused and protect their future.

Drug Charges Have Long-Reaching Consequences

The penalties for drug charges vary depending on the severity. Misdemeanors can include a cash fine and up to two weeks of jail time, while felony charges can incur up to 20 years in federal prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Additionally, a drug charge or arrest, even without a conviction, may show up on a background check to have a devastating impact on a person’s life. These records can prevent a person from securing a loan, attending school or even getting a job.

I strongly advocate for our clients’ personal rights and freedoms, and fight to lessen the negative consequences of these charges. My straightforward counsel helps my clients manage their expectations while providing realistic solutions designed to have a long-term impact. Recovering from a drug charge is neither easy or fast, but I will stand with you every step of the way.

New York’s Recreational Marijuana Laws

In 2021, New York expanded upon its existing medical marijuana laws by legalizing the possession of limited amounts of cannabis for recreational use. Additionally, legislators expunged marijuana-related crimes from all criminal records. This has drastically changed the conversation around marijuana and drug possession and how courts process related violations. If you are facing a marijuana-related charge, I can answer your questions and discuss legal options that prioritize your best interests.

Start Fighting Back Today

New Yorkers facing drug charges can secure the help they need by calling Spicer Law and speaking with me. I am intimately familiar with the nuances of New York’s complex drug laws and will leverage this knowledge to help defend your rights. Secure a consultation by calling 315-930-1052 or by contacting me online.